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Here You Have Found The Convenience and Savings of Shopping Online Combined with Expert Baseball & Fastpitch Equipment Consultants and Coaches Delivering Customized, Personalized Selection of THE RIGHT GEAR for Your Children.

Plus, when you are a part of The MVP Generation™ Team you also enjoy access to special drills, training techniques, confidence building mind programming and elite coaching.

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A Message From Ralph Dipiero,
Owner of MVP Generation ™, a RDP Solutions, LLC. Company

Hello and Welcome from me, Ralph Dipiero. I am a sales and marketing consultant who has started up and built numerous successful businesses. I have sold and trained men and women to get a wide range of products and services into the hands of the people who need them. You can see more about me here on my site. You can see more on my company RDP Solutions, LLC. here.

Seeing a large, unfulfilled need in the baseball and fastpitch softball community, I set out to solve it. To do that we have established this unique company and website that presents top quality baseball and fastpitch softball sporting good products together with access to skills training, drills, coaching and mindset programming teachings.

I have two sons and a daughter. Both my sons are active and enthusiastic Youth Baseball players. They REALLY LOVE THE GAME. I have noticed that one of the things that gives them a passion for the game is having the right equipment. That means bats and gloves they are proud to own and step on the field with together with the right protective gear to give them the confidence that comes from being safe and secure. I have noticed with my sons, their teammates and even their competition that players who have confidence in their equipment tools and their protective gear are able to relax, enjoy the game and be better players.

In my observations of the game, conversations with other parents and talks with my boy's coaches I have seen a real need for personal consultation on the best and right products for parents to buy their children.

There are plenty of brick-and-mortar sporting good stores around and many online sports equipment shops. However I have noticed that very few, if any, give you personalized consulting that customizes the process of selecting the right gear for your children. The coaches, players, consultants and the Mom's and Dad's I have spoken with desire more then the equipment selection knowledge that even a good sports store sales clerk can provide.

So I asked myself what if we could combine the convenience and savings that an online shop delivers with the equipment knowledge that actual players and coaches can deliver. In addition, what would it be like if we could also give players access to special drills, training techniques, confidence building mind programming and elite coaching.

This is the reason I created MVP Generation, and the reason I am happy you have found our site.

You can read more about my background on my site's personal page here. Briefly I am from Scottsdale, Arizona -- The Heart of The Grapefruit League. Growing up in Scottsdale I could play baseball all year round. There were plenty of ballparks, batting cages and practice facilities. You could always find someone who wanted to play. Some days our moms would pack us a lunch and me and my friends would be gone all day playing until it got dark. Then we would have dinner and go play in a Junior League night game.

In the course of growing up in Scottsdale, and then becoming a business, sales and marketing consultant starting up, building and running several businesses, I was fortunate to create a network of baseball enthusiasts. I have access to a wide variety of players, coaches, ex-players and product consultants. When I moved to Carlsbad, California my sons began playing Junior League baseball. They love the sport and have a deep passion for it - not only playing but also practicing and increasing their skill levels. Living in Southern California and participating in my son's youth sport leagues I have been able expand my resources of people with both a deep knowledge of the game, the equipment needed to play it safely, comfortably and outstanding together with the all important passion for the game.

I am enthusiastic and happy you found us. I invite you to browse our site and shop for products that you need and desire. Also please also join the MVP Team. Team members will receive 15% off on all orders and free shipping on all orders over $50. In addition MVP team members will receive additional special edition messages from ex-MLB players, special coaching tips, special drills and mind strategies to make sure you play your best.

I'm here to take your calls or respond to your emails personally to make sure you and your children have the right equipment to give them the confidence and comfort to play their best.

Once again - Welcome to the MVP Generation shop. Join together with us in providing the equipment and training to create a new generation of MVPs.

A Message From Natalie Dipiero

Hello to all the moms out there with baseball and fastpitch playing son's and daughters who have found our site. I am Natalie Dipiero, Ralph's wife, and the mother of two young boys who are playing youth league baseball and a young girl who desires to play fastpitch softball when she gets older.

You can see more about me here.

I also am from Scottsdale, Arizona. It is The Heart of The Grapefruit League. Even as a young girl I remember the buzz, special excitement feeling and the Magic In The Air when Spring Training came to town.

Living in a place where people can play softball and baseball all year round, I have known many baseball players who were very passionate about the sport. I look forward to seeing my younger daughter start playing fastpitch softball when she is ready. I thoroughly enjoy the smiles on my son's faces and the happiness they get from the game.

Along with Ralph I am very excited about the power of MVP Generation™, not only to supply the products people want and need, but to also give them access to a new reference of skills training.

As a mother along with all the other mothers in the stands we are concerned about the safety and welfare of our children in any sport they play as well as anything that they do. That is why I am happy to be providing the correct protective equipment, gloves, bats, shoes, helmets and even sunglasses to give our children the confidence and comfort they need to go out and play their best.

I also welcome you and your family to our store and encourage you to join the MVP team. As you browse our shop and check out our special skills training resources keep in mind that you are no longer alone. The MVP Generation is now here for you and your children.

Join the MVP TEAM Today and You Will Save 15% On Any Purchases You Make, and Get Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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